ATEWAD – “At The End, We Are Dead”

An overland trip started in November 2010, this website documents our 12+ year trip around the world with no end date.

This website does not contain any personal information of us, and no pictures of our faces, this is on purpose; we don’t want to be famous. This website is meant to share our experience in stories and photos of our life long adventure. We hope this website will fuel your interest of traveling, not just to tick off countries but to explore countries and cultures in detail.

ATEWAD – a common name in parts of the world, but it also is an answer on a question we often we get: “How long will you continue?” , “When will you settle down?” , “You cannot travel forever right?” – We got used to be on the road and we don’t see ourselves living in a house or in the same place for long, so we will continue with our travels until the day we are dead.

A short summary about us: We are two travelers from two different cultures, one Indonesian and one Dutch, wife and husband, with the same goal of traveling around the world by overland vehicle, exploring what the world has to offer. We thoroughly enjoy wild camping in nature, eating local foods and meeting new people and combine this with our interests of cars.

For all those people we meet on the way; thank you for checking out our website. If you want to get in contact with us please write us an email, or write us on social media, we are happy to meet up for a drink or a walk around to share stories and experiences of our travels, that’s what is traveling is all about for us!